frequently asked questions

how long are one-on-one coaching sessions ?

Each session is 60 mins.

do you operate from a gym ?

No. We operate sessions from our private training studio that has a gym.

I am a Holistic Health Coach. Imagine a combination between a Physiotherapist, a Personal Trainer and Life Coach. I assess a person’s posture and muscular-skeletal structure. This helps prevent injury. Combine that with the benefits of a trainer. Designing customized functional exercise programs. Teach biochemical – nutrition based off your individual genetic – DNA make up (no one size fits all approach). Finally identifying any mental-emotional blocks why a person might be self-sabotaging.  That’s a Primal Move Holistic Health Coach. 


do you offer online coaching ?

Yes, we offer one-on-one coaching via Skype. We also have an online program.

how do I book a consultation ?

Please drop us a line at our Contact page. 

what is the cost of one – on – one coaching?

Because of the personal and individual nature of what we do. The price depends on your wants and needs.

We offer packages.

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